Feel the Spirit of Spicemas - Escape to Pure Grenada in 2024

Explore the most vibrant, diverse island in the Caribbean, complete with perfect weather, landscape, and culture. From Jab Jab and Jouvert to Prettymas, there's something for everyone at Grenada's Spicemas Carnival 2024.

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Unveil the True Magic of Grenada: Dive into the Exhilarating Spicemas 2024!

Experience the renowned events of Grenada's carnival - from the Grand Opening Parade, to Monday Night Mas, to the spectacular Jouvert. immerse yourself in the colorful atmosphere and get caught up in the energy and excitement.

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Explore historical sites and sample local cuisine beyond the carnival
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The Ultimate Caribbean Carnival Destination: Grenada's Spicemas 2024

Travel across the island and experience Grenada's breathtaking sights. Visit stunning beaches, historical monuments, local villages, and see the vibrant culture up close and personal.

Indulge in the amazing cuisine of Grenada from traditional dishes to street food. Get a true taste of Grenada with our all-inclusive Foodie Tour to get a real Grenadian experience.

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How Makala Fully Experienced Grenadian Culture with Spicemas  in Just 7 Days

A deep dive into Makala's awe-inspiring journey with us at the heart of Grenada Carnival


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